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Academic Consulting and School Placement

The process of choosing the appropriate school is often stressful and time consuming.

For that reason, helping families find the right educational environment that meets the

unique profile of each child reduces stress by assuring them that they are working with a

professional who has an extensive knowledge of the private schools in the Los Angeles area. 

Intake Interview

We help families navigate through every step of the school placement process by conducting a comprehensive parent intake interview during which we determine  the learning style and needs of their child. Children who have physical, emotional or learning differences may struggle in a traditional school setting. In these circumstances, it is often beneficial to place a student in a school geared to address children with special needs. Appropriate school placement takes into account learning style, personalityand stengths of a student as well as the culture, values and academic environment of the school. 


Admissions Tests and Application Forms for Parents and Students 

Once the needs are acertained, a list of schools that might be appropriate is suggested and the applicable entrance tests for those schools are discussed. Parents and students are guided through completing the applications, setting up interviews, and managing the application process.  Once acceptances are received, the famillies are guided in making a final selection based on location, campus life, academic and athletic choices and student population.

Finding the Perfect Match
Guidance Through the School Application Process
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